Shipping Hundreds Of Parcels? Bulk Buy And Save Costs

Are you shipping several hundred parcels each month?

Well if you are then you need to think about how you are buying your cardboard boxes.

It sounds simple does it not? After all how hard can buying in little brown cardboard boxes be?

Well a lot of new businesses start out by buying in their cardboard boxes just a few at a time from their local stationers, and whilst this might help to keep your cash flow under control it will however massively dent your profits!

Buying cardboard boxes from your local stationer can result in you paying at least five times what you should be doing.

You should think about how many you are buying over the course of a month. If as an example you are buying in five hundred a month but only ordering 20 or 30 at a time then you will not be leveraging your purchasing power at all.

By buying in only 20 or 30 at a time you will probably be paying the same price per box as if you were just buying in 10 at a time.

However if you were to buy in one hundred or five hundred at a time then you should receive a substantial discount.

Now you maybe thinking that you do not have space for one hundred or five hundred boxes (As they can take up a lot of room even when flat packed), and that maybe the reason why you only order a few at a time. However many suppliers of cardboard boxes will offer a drop shipping service whereby you can order five hundred boxes and get a big discount, yet they will just ship them to you in bundles of 20 or 50 at a time.

This means you can leverage your buying power, yet you do not get overwhelmed by five hundred boxes arriving at once!

So when it comes to buying in your cardboard boxes you just need to think a lot smarter. As if you are buying in several hundred a month then you should not be paying high street prices for your boxes. Even if you are wanting to buy in custom made boxes that are printed up with your company’s logo, then you can still use the advantage of your bulk buying power.